Welcome to ROBLOX Gamers’ Community, your home for the latest ROBLOX news, events, updates, and more! Created on May 7, 2016.

Are you a gamer? Would you like to chat and play with other gamers like 
you? Then this is the Discord server for you! We play various games and 
host giveaways every month!
Ready to play? Click the link below!
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Also, don’t forget to check out our blog, your #1 source for the latest ROBLOX news. We post about various topics including popular games, latest features, news, and others that you may see on other ROBLOX fan-made blogs. We publish posts at least once a week. Sometimes, we may even publish multiple posts in a day!

You can count on us for the latest updates, but we focus on stuff like ROBLOX news and what’s happening. We also write about other topics, but this is the one we focus mainly on.

We are currently hiring writers, so we can improve our weekly post count and increase the number of topics we write about. Click below to fill out an application.

Also, check out our other pages:

Click to view our Staff
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