ROBLOX on Xbox One is Expanding

ROBLOX on the Xbox One was released on January 27, 2016, and has been expanding since then. The Xbox One was released a couple years before.

Before the Xbox One, ROBLOX was only available to Mac, PC, iOS, and Android users…

Ever since ROBLOX on Xbox One, people would switch to their Ones to play ROBLOX. There are now many players that downloaded ROBLOX.

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Welcome Back!

Maintenance has just been finished and we have our new theme, Twenty Fifteen. Welcome back!

I hope you like the new theme. It makes things easier.

The old theme looked pretty bad, and the images started turning black.

This new theme solved every problem the site had.

Thank you for being a part of ROBLOX Game Persuader!

Theme Transfer

At 11:59 AM PDT, ROBLOX Game Persuader will go offline for 30 – 60 minutes for maintenance & theme transfer.

The reason I am doing this transfer is because the images on the home page appear to be black. Resolving this issue requires transfer.

The new theme will look better than this one.

Please be aware that this may happen.

When the site hits maintenance, you are not allowed access. If you attempt to go to the site, it will say you do not have permission to access the site.

The site is only accessible to the staff.

Sorry for the trouble.


ROBLOX Game Persuader Weekly Review (May 29, 2016)

Let’s wrap up this week’s stuff. It’s not much, but, this week is not a good week.

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Too Much Weird Advertisements?

Advertisements always appear every page you go, even if you are Builders Club. Some people just like to make weird, pointless advertisements (which don’t even look persuasive) and they don’t get that much clicks, even if you spend SO much R$ to make the ad show up very often on someone’s screen.

Persuasive advertisements get the most clicks, even if you spend very little. These advertisements look like the creator spent much time on it.

A trick to getting the most clicks is to make it look persuasive, like a real advertisement. For example, you can make it say “We want you to join our clan. We are very active, and we need your help. Join our clan, we will treat you fairly and make sure your day is as happy as ours. We care about the people first.” Then just decorate it and add pictures. Make it very special and unique.

Copying another advertisement does not work. It just gives you less clicks.

Ads like “I bet you can’t click me 35 times!” just does not help. People will not be interested.

Following these tips and tricks will help you get the most clicks.

ROBLOX Game Persuader on Google+

ROBLOX Game Persuader also has a Google+ page. It was created to share RGP posts with the social media.

What you’ll see on our Google+ page is posts (like the one you are seeing right now. Yep! This post is on Google+), updates, site news, and other stuff. There may even be old content from the old ROBLOX Game Persuader. There will still be posts about the old site, until it gets deleted. You can see when it will be deleted in a small calendar on the sidebar of the new ROBLOX Game Persuader (the right of this post).

I will not share these posts to any other social media, just Google+.

Every post on ROBLOX Game Persuader goes to Google+ directly. Including this one.

You can also sign up for email subscriptions on the sidebar. Get notified of when a new blog post comes out on RGP. It gets sent IMMEDIATELY.

Visit our Google+ page here.

Group Invite Bots Annoy ROBLOXians

Have you gotten a message, ever, about someone trying to invite you to a group? These are usually sent by special message bots. The message is sent to people randomly (I think). ROBLOX has patched most of these message bots. It is formed by code. They can often annoy the person to join their group. They will often say, “Join the group and I will stop sending you this message.” Though, they will only send it once or twice, and not forever, because the bots are being patched.

Though, if someone keeps sending you these group invitations, just click on the flag or “Report Abuse.” I was told by ROBLOX that people can do this. Proof below:


ROBLOX says use the “Report Abuse” feature to report the bot.

Here is an example of a group invitation sent by a bot:


Group invitation sent by a bot.

The bot being owned by josepht23 had been claimed to be FALSE.

This is like a ROBLOX hack. ROBLOX does not allow this and will continue to patch these bots.