ROBLOX on Xbox One is Expanding

ROBLOX on the Xbox One was released on January 27, 2016, and has been expanding since then. The Xbox One was released a couple years before.

Before the Xbox One, ROBLOX was only available to Mac, PC, iOS, and Android users…

Ever since ROBLOX on Xbox One, people would switch to their Ones to play ROBLOX. There are now many players that downloaded ROBLOX.

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The Removal of Tickets: The Truth

ROBLOX does not have a specific reason why tickets were removed, destroyed, vanished, unusable. I looked up on the internet, and ROBLOX Wikia already found out why.

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Group Invite Bots Annoy ROBLOXians

Have you gotten a message, ever, about someone trying to invite you to a group? These are usually sent by special message bots. The message is sent to people randomly (I think). ROBLOX has patched most of these message bots. It is formed by code. They can often annoy the person to join their group. They will often say, “Join the group and I will stop sending you this message.” Though, they will only send it once or twice, and not forever, because the bots are being patched.

Though, if someone keeps sending you these group invitations, just click on the flag or “Report Abuse.” I was told by ROBLOX that people can do this. Proof below:


ROBLOX says use the “Report Abuse” feature to report the bot.

Here is an example of a group invitation sent by a bot:


Group invitation sent by a bot.

The bot being owned by josepht23 had been claimed to be FALSE.

This is like a ROBLOX hack. ROBLOX does not allow this and will continue to patch these bots.


ROBLOX Spam Caused By Many Users

Every single minute, a post is published on the ROBLOX forum that is not interesting, not attracting, or is breaking the ROBLOX rules. That post is usually deleted by the moderators, but sometimes that post can bypass the moderation and can end up making an impact to some people.

People just post for no reason. They think the forum is a place for sharing your personal info, and just saying stuff people do not want to hear like bad words and offensive comments.

Most of these posts bypass the moderation system. The post creator doesn’t get moderated, and they will just keep doing this.

ROBLOX is a place of fun and safe. The ROBLOX team wants to keep it this way. I have been playing ROBLOX for 3 years, and ROBLOX just keeps turning into a less safer place.

In 2013, ROBLOX had a safe chat mode. There was a small speech bubble button on the side of the screen, and you can click it and words would pop up. There were many choices, none containing anything inappropriate. Later on, they made an update with a whitelist and blacklist. Words that belong to the blacklist turn into hashtags.

Links also turn into hashtags.

Before the whitelist/blacklist, people who said any bad words or inappropriate content, the whole thing would be blank.

This chat/message system should be upgraded. Even the new system does not make a significant difference.

Keep Calm and Go To School! (Game Spotlight: ROBLOX High School)

Yes. You know what I’m talkin’ bout.

ROBLOX High School.

ROBLOX High School
By Cindering.

So what is ROBLOX High School?

It is like a real high school, just in ROBLOX. But this high school can get a little crazy.

My brother, Cyrizzle6H, had played this before.

“It is like a high school. After school, you can go to Club Red, hang at your house, or go anywhere else. You can also learn. You can hang out by a beach and swim. Buy stuff. It is kind of like Welcome to the Town of ROBLOXia but a high school version,” he says.

I have never played this before, but it is very popular, and I always see it in the ‘Popular’ category. It has over 84 million visits! It was created in 2009. How long that was! About 7 years the game was active.

Also, I got this from the description:

“Welcome to ROBLOX High School! The place to roleplay, hang out, and meet new friends! Enjoy life in this small town as a high school student, teacher, or principal. Make new friends and visit fun locations after school! Buy your own car, furnish your own house, and get pets & gear to spice up your life!” 

I bet a lot of people like to play this. It is a really good game, and I think you should TRY IT!

Pizza, Pizza! (Game Spotlight: Work at a Pizza Place)

Would you like to Work at a Pizza Place? It’s in the sentence. That’s right!


Work at a Pizza Place

By Dued1.


“I make-a-da pizza.”

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