Pizza, Pizza! (Game Spotlight: Work at a Pizza Place)

Would you like to Work at a Pizza Place? It’s in the sentence. That’s right!


Work at a Pizza Place

By Dued1.


“I make-a-da pizza.”

I have played this game many, many times.

It is great to play, if you love pizza and working.

There are multiple jobs in this game:

You can also be on break.

So, let me describe the jobs a little bit.


The cashier takes in the orders. Non player characters come inside the pizza parlor and come up to the cashier. NOTE: Player characters cannot take orders from the cashier. The NPCs tell the cashier what they want in blue chat bubbles, and some of them can have bad grammar, etc., so you have to be careful. ANOTHER NOTE: The NPCs look like the other players in the server, so you might even see yourself. You cannot talk to them, they are not real players in the server. You have to choose the pizza they want. If you did it correctly, you will hear a short ‘ding.’ If you choose the wrong pizza, the NPC will shake its head, make an angry noise, and leave. BE CAREFUL OF WHAT THEY WANT TO ORDER!


The cook makes the pizza in the kitchen. You grab the pizza dough, put it in the oven, put on the toppings, and wait for the pizza to go through. There is a menu on the wall and displays a picture of what pizzas you need to cook. You can also grab Mountain Dew if it is displayed, but make sure it does not go in the oven. IT WILL BURN.


The boxer boxes the pizzas. If you see a Mountain Dew, just put it on the belt, not the box.


The delivery person delivers the pizza to the houses. A pizza shows up on a table and you click it and deliver it to a house. It displays the house number on the pizza/drink and you are to take it to the matching house number. Once on their front door, a NPC opens the door and grabs the pizza. You repeat the same process for all the items in your backpack.


The supplier goes to the supply building and takes a big truck. He/she clicks a button and supplies go falling down from the ceiling into the trunk of the truck in 3D blocks. The supplier then goes to the parlor and drags the blocks to the belt which then takes the supplies in.


The manager is the head. He/she can give out pay checks, set a player Employee of the Day, and more. If the manager is cruel, players can vote to fire him/her. There is only one manager at a time, so the manager must quit or be fired to let another manager take place. To increase your chance of being manager, buy the Manager Teleporter Game Pass.

Opinion: My favorite job is supplying, because not many people supply items to the pizza parlor. So in case they run out of cheese, boxes, etc., the supplier can supply it to the parlor. Then the other workers can focus working on their current job than changing to a supplier.


Work at a Pizza Place is a very great game to play. It was around since March 2008 (eight years!) and has at least 130 million place visits. Also, according to the ROBLOX Wikia, Work at a Pizza Place once had over 11,500 players playing at the same time!

You must try this game. Play it now!