Keep Calm and Go To School! (Game Spotlight: ROBLOX High School)

Yes. You know what I’m talkin’ bout.

ROBLOX High School.

ROBLOX High School
By Cindering.

So what is ROBLOX High School?

It is like a real high school, just in ROBLOX. But this high school can get a little crazy.

My brother, Cyrizzle6H, had played this before.

“It is like a high school. After school, you can go to Club Red, hang at your house, or go anywhere else. You can also learn. You can hang out by a beach and swim. Buy stuff. It is kind of like Welcome to the Town of ROBLOXia but a high school version,” he says.

I have never played this before, but it is very popular, and I always see it in the ‘Popular’ category. It has over 84 million visits! It was created in 2009. How long that was! About 7 years the game was active.

Also, I got this from the description:

“Welcome to ROBLOX High School! The place to roleplay, hang out, and meet new friends! Enjoy life in this small town as a high school student, teacher, or principal. Make new friends and visit fun locations after school! Buy your own car, furnish your own house, and get pets & gear to spice up your life!” 

I bet a lot of people like to play this. It is a really good game, and I think you should TRY IT!