Comments Removed from Catalog Items

Today, ROBLOX made an update to catalog items.

Due to constant spam on comment sections (and multiple other reasons), ROBLOX removed comments from all of the Catalog (not the Library).

The comments were filled with spam and scam comments, most of them claiming to give away free ROBUX.

Another reason comments were removed is because there didn’t need to be one in the first place! Why? If there was a comment section in the catalog, those comments would be boring, because there is nothing much to talk about. Examples:

  • “I bought this crazy hat! I love it!”
  • “I added this to my game, and my visitors love it!”

ROBLOXians would think these are weird comments. So comments are not really needed in the catalog.

Do you want ROBLOX to reverse this update? Let us know in the comments BELOW!