ROBLOX Game Persuader Weekly Review (May 21, 2016)

1st RGP Weekly Review! Let’s wrap up what happened on ROBLOX this week.

  1. 2020?
  2. The Angry Birds Movie Event
  3. ROBLOX Raised Catalog Item Prices?
  4. ROBLOX+ Google Chrome Extension
  5. This Week’s Games


A forum post in the Off Topic category says so.

This post, named “2020,” was created on January 31st this year, and is still active as of right now. People are still replying to the thread, and the person who created it wants it to be active until 2020. Click here to view the post.

Screenshot 2016-05-20 at 8.26.01 PM

A forum post, “2020,” still active to this day

There are over 800 replies to this thread! I hope this thread will last long… but there is a part in me that says it won’t…

The Angry Birds Movie Event

ROBLOX is holding a ROBLOX event for the new Angry Birds movie. They released two Angry Birds items in the catalog. View more details here.

ROBLOX Raised Catalog Item Prices?

It seems like ROBLOX has been raising the prices on a lot of the catalog items.

Screenshot 2016-05-20 at 8.49.03 PM

Major price change on this one!

ROBLOX+ Google Chrome Extension

ROBLOX+ is a Google Chrome extension for ROBLOXians. There are about 60 features, and they enhance the way you use ROBLOX. It is an extension that can change the way you view the site. It does not affect games; it only affects the website.

There are many things you can do with this, from sending a message to up to five people to changing a forum post.

You can get ROBLOX+ by clicking here.

This Week’s Games

Work alongside to be the most powerful wizards! Fight enemies, make friends, this game depends on you.

Shoot ‘dem!

Play Pokemon; go on a journey with your friend to defeat Brock, Misty, or other gym leaders and win all the badges in this game. Make new Pokemon friends (there are a bunch of Pokemon) and make sure your Pokemon journey is complete!

Jump from one place to another while running really fast!

Not a real California city, but similar to a city named Pacifica.