Group Invite Bots Annoy ROBLOXians

Have you gotten a message, ever, about someone trying to invite you to a group? These are usually sent by special message bots. The message is sent to people randomly (I think). ROBLOX has patched most of these message bots. It is formed by code. They can often annoy the person to join their group. They will often say, “Join the group and I will stop sending you this message.” Though, they will only send it once or twice, and not forever, because the bots are being patched.

Though, if someone keeps sending you these group invitations, just click on the flag or “Report Abuse.” I was told by ROBLOX that people can do this. Proof below:


ROBLOX says use the “Report Abuse” feature to report the bot.

Here is an example of a group invitation sent by a bot:


Group invitation sent by a bot.

The bot being owned by josepht23 had been claimed to be FALSE.

This is like a ROBLOX hack. ROBLOX does not allow this and will continue to patch these bots.