ROBLOX Game Persuader on Google+

ROBLOX Game Persuader also has a Google+ page. It was created to share RGP posts with the social media.

What you’ll see on our Google+ page is posts (like the one you are seeing right now. Yep! This post is on Google+), updates, site news, and other stuff. There may even be old content from the old ROBLOX Game Persuader. There will still be posts about the old site, until it gets deleted. You can see when it will be deleted in a small calendar on the sidebar of the new ROBLOX Game Persuader (the right of this post).

I will not share these posts to any other social media, just Google+.

Every post on ROBLOX Game Persuader goes to Google+ directly. Including this one.

You can also sign up for email subscriptions on the sidebar. Get notified of when a new blog post comes out on RGP. It gets sent IMMEDIATELY.

Visit our Google+ page here.