ROBLOX Spam Caused By Many Users

Every single minute, a post is published on the ROBLOX forum that is not interesting, not attracting, or is breaking the ROBLOX rules. That post is usually deleted by the moderators, but sometimes that post can bypass the moderation and can end up making an impact to some people.

People just post for no reason. They think the forum is a place for sharing your personal info, and just saying stuff people do not want to hear like bad words and offensive comments.

Most of these posts bypass the moderation system. The post creator doesn’t get moderated, and they will just keep doing this.

ROBLOX is a place of fun and safe. The ROBLOX team wants to keep it this way. I have been playing ROBLOX for 3 years, and ROBLOX just keeps turning into a less safer place.

In 2013, ROBLOX had a safe chat mode. There was a small speech bubble button on the side of the screen, and you can click it and words would pop up. There were many choices, none containing anything inappropriate. Later on, they made an update with a whitelist and blacklist. Words that belong to the blacklist turn into hashtags.

Links also turn into hashtags.

Before the whitelist/blacklist, people who said any bad words or inappropriate content, the whole thing would be blank.

This chat/message system should be upgraded. Even the new system does not make a significant difference.