Too Much Weird Advertisements?

Advertisements always appear every page you go, even if you are Builders Club. Some people just like to make weird, pointless advertisements (which don’t even look persuasive) and they don’t get that much clicks, even if you spend SO much R$ to make the ad show up very often on someone’s screen.

Persuasive advertisements get the most clicks, even if you spend very little. These advertisements look like the creator spent much time on it.

A trick to getting the most clicks is to make it look persuasive, like a real advertisement. For example, you can make it say “We want you to join our clan. We are very active, and we need your help. Join our clan, we will treat you fairly and make sure your day is as happy as ours. We care about the people first.” Then just decorate it and add pictures. Make it very special and unique.

Copying another advertisement does not work. It just gives you less clicks.

Ads like “I bet you can’t click me 35 times!” just does not help. People will not be interested.

Following these tips and tricks will help you get the most clicks.