ROBLOX Game Persuader Weekly Review (May 29, 2016)

Let’s wrap up this week’s stuff. It’s not much, but, this week is not a good week.

  1. Memorial Day Sale in the Catalog
  2. This Week’s Games

Memorial Day Sale in the Catalog

This weekend, ROBLOX is having a Memorial Day Sale in the Catalog. Everything is on sale, and some retired items are now able to be purchased.

ROBLOX released a ton of new items in the catalog, including Workclock Headphones for just 3,000 ROBUX.

Everything is on sale, including the popular Red Rolling Hoverboard, which is about 33% off.

Follow ROBLOX’s Twitter @ROBLOX for updates.

Blog post:

This Week’s Games

Roleplay in Five Nights at Freddy’s.


Roleplay. Life is awaiting you.

Build. Fight. Try to survive.

Roleplay. You are in a beautiful town filled with beauty and life. Do whatever you want. Be happy.