ROBLOX Game Persuader Weekly Review (June 7, 2016)

Let’s wrap up what happened this week.

  1. Around the World Event

  2. Forum post: “Describe the outfit of the ROBLOXian above you.”

  3. It’s the End of School

  4. This Week’s Games

Around the World Event


Sponsored by Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory-comes the ROBLOX event Around the World!

Go on a mission to find treasures in these three games:


ROBLOX High School

Hide and Seek Extreme

And catch Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory out in theaters on June 17th!

Forum post: “Describe the outfit of the ROBLOXian above you.”

Screenshot 2016-06-07 at 12.26.56 PM
The forum post, made by QxeenCharli

This is a popular forum post in the ROBLOX Talk sub-forum. It was started on February 12th, and is still an active (and popular) forum post today. 4 MONTHS!

This post is one of the most popular in the forum right now.

So, what you’re is supposed to do is describe the above ROBLOXian’s outfit, starting with the first person. The post has now 80 pages in total. Way more than 2020.

Check out the forum post here.









It’s the End of School

This section has been removed, due to the items going out of sale.

This Week’s Games

No games this week!