ROBLOX Filter System Makes Chat and Messages UNREADABLE

A new ROBLOX update means more bad stuff. Recently, ROBLOX updated the whitelist/blacklist system so it captures more of the bad stuff, including some URLs that ROBLOXians post.

Well, that positive update also brought in a lot of negatives. It seems the filter thinks “good” words are “bad” words. It takes out the word and puts in hashtags.

However, sometimes it cancels out a whole message and/or makes it become unreadable. Some groups post in the forums to keep them running, like Dunkin’ Donuts ROBLOX. They post their handbook on the forum.


Screenshot 2016-06-10 at 9.29.16 AM
This ROBLOXian asks others to send an email to to protest.

DD staff reported that after the filter system update, people that sent in applications would have it turned to mostly hashtags. Their group cannot function correctly if no one can get an application.

ROBLOXians were tired of this new update and began to protest on the forums.

I joined ROBLOX in 2013. All chat systems were fine. The whitelist/blacklist didn’t exist yet. Instead, if you were cursing/cussing, the chat message would be sent as blank.

The first whitelist/blacklist system turned out to be fine, why update it so it’s worse?

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3 thoughts on “ROBLOX Filter System Makes Chat and Messages UNREADABLE

  1. I Agree, mostly i have sent a request for a promotion, i wanted to say : “here is my place : (link)” but this is what roblox has in store, (############) nothing is readable, roblox must fix its hastag addiction.

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    1. Sometimes, I’d post on the forums a link to a Google Docs document, and it would work, but just a few weeks ago, it stopped working.

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