NEW! Google Chrome Extension!

Following the Google Chrome Web App comes the new Google Chrome Extension!

It is now easier than ever to take a quick “peek” at new posts, with our new extension for Chrome!

How this works: You click the icon next to your address bar, and a window pops up. To check the latest posts, just click “View blog” and there, you can read the latest news from ROBLOX Gamers’ Community, even if you are busy doing something else on your computer. No need to open another tab! Just do your stuff on the tab you are working on, and read the latest news from a popup on top of that tab.

Simple, easy, and no need for any extra windows or tabs. Just a popup. Great for all day workers.

Please comment below of what you think of this! Also give me suggestions and ideas, and stay tuned for the Firefox Add-on in August and the Safari Extension in October!

All apps & extensions developed by Kooldude183.