ROBLOX’s 150K Twitch Followers Celebration

I have been so busy the previous week and a half!

Finally, I get some spare time to write about something exciting going on this week on ROBLOX.

When I got back from my vacation, I went on my laptop to check out what was going on on ROBLOX. I didn’t know that ROBLOX already had 150K followers by last Thursday. So since it is such a big event, I guess I’ll write about it then, even if the event is over very soon.

YES, ROBLOX got 150K followers on Twitch. So they celebrated by streaming The Next Level, Let’s Play and The Creator Show all this week, and giving out prizes and ROBUX. ROBLOX wrote two blog posts about it:

Last Thursday:

On Monday:

The Monday post are examples of what they will be giving away this week.