My Latest Apps & Extensions!

Recently, I made the ROBLOX web app and a ROBLOX Twitch Livestream extension exclusively for RGC, but anybody can use them.

I searched “ROBLOX” on the web store, but it didn’t seem that people made an app and an extension that went to the ROBLOX website and its Twitch livestream page. So I made them.


The ROBLOX Chrome app is unofficial, and it is an easy way to access ROBLOX. No need to type in in the address bar.

The Twitch extension is for ROBLOXians to easily watch what ROBLOX is livestreaming at any desired time, while browsing the web. It just pops up over your browser; no need for multiple windows. (However, if you want it to pop out, you may click the bottom under the stream.)

Also, stay tuned on my newest apps & extensions! I will develop more for the ROBLOX community to enjoy.