How to Enable 2-Step Verification in ROBLOX

On September 22, 2016, ROBLOX released a new feature that makes your account more secure. It is called 2-Step Verification, and once enabled, sends an email whenever someone tries to login to your account whether it is you, or a stranger.

So how this works is when someone attempts to get into your account, it will ask for a 6-digit code that is provided in the email that ROBLOX has sent to you. Type in the code in the box, and click “Verify.” You can choose to skip the verification for 30 days on that device on the verification screen below the “Verify” button.

2-Step Verification is available on all platforms whether it’s your Xbox One, desktop, or mobile device. It makes your account more secure and harder for intruders to get in (unless they know the password to your email account).

Take a look at this video tutorial for instructions:

Hopefully, ROBLOX comes up with more ways to make your account safe and secure. This is only one of the features that can keep your account in normal status, free from hackers and intruders.