Audio Uploading Limits, Constantly Changing? (Revised)

So I wrote this post today to notify ROBLOXians that the limits of uploading audio files to ROBLOX are constantly changing. In 2014, audio files would only be up to 15 seconds, then changed later on to 2 minutes, which allowed ROBLOXians to upload songs that were cut at the 2-minute mark. Uploading audio would cost R$100.

According to ROBLOX Wikia, ROBLOX had increased the limit of the song length to 6 minutes, with a maximum file size of 10 megabytes in late September. The Wikia also said that the price of uploading the audio depended on the length of the audio.

ROBLOX published a post on their blog about the new audio update. However, ROBLOX Wikia says that two days after ROBLOX had published the post, they had changed the limit of the length of the audio back to 2 minutes, maximum file size 8 megabytes, and the price of audio had changed to R$100. ROBLOX had never notified us that they had reverted the limits of uploading audio.

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