ROBLOX Has Finally Released R15 Avatar!

This post was due two weeks ago, but there was a delay.

ROBLOX has finally released R15, a new version of the ROBLOX avatar, in beta stage. R6, the old version of the ROBLOX avatar, only has 6 body parts, while the R15 version has 15 parts.

In the “Avatar” page, you can choose between R6 and R15 avatar for your character. Even if your character is set as R15, when playing a game, it can only be in R15 avatar if the game allows it, otherwise, if it only allows R6, your character will be set to R6 in-game. The developer also has the option to let the user choose, so that means if the developer had chosen this option, what avatar your character is using right now, will be used in-game.

Since R15 is in beta, packages and other items may not be supported with it. Therefore, some of the items you are wearing in R6 avatar may not work in R15 avatar. ROBLOX says that they are working on this, and soon, all your items will fit properly in the new R15 avatar.

With R15, your ROBLOX character can do much more!



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