Gotta Catch ‘Em All! (Game Spotlight: Project: Pokemon) Edited Version

7fbf547016f8abf7360f5b6215eb33e7Project: Pokemon, created by wish_z, is an RPG game that features Pokemon and mimics the original Pokemon games in ROBLOX. Players can battle gym leaders such as Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge, and more! It is a great Pokemon experience, and has over 107 million visits!

Although it does have a significant amount of likes than dislikes, there are still some bugs in the game that you should watch out for. One that is common in most ROBLOX games is in-game crashes. Saving is recommended, so you don’t lose all your data when something happens.

There are a total of eight gym leaders, and the battle gets harder and harder for each gym leader. You have to battle the gym leader using your six Pokemon in your party. Your Pokemon will level up as you battle. If you beat a gym leader, they may give you a TM, which is a move you can teach your Pokemon that you can use all the time! If you beat Brock, you also get an XP Share, and if you go to Misty after you have battled her, she will give you a free Togepi.

If your Pokemon is low on health, you can take it to a PokeCenter to heal. If you lose a battle, it will automatically teleport you to the PokeCenter in the city you have last defeated a gym leader for you to heal your Pokemon. What you have to do is click on the nurse and she will heal your Pokemon in seconds.

Also, you can stop by a PokeMart and buy some PokeBalls and potions for your battles.

When walking on the path to another city, you may encounter some wild Pokemon and Pokemon trainers. You cannot run from trainer battles. You can also catch wild Pokemon or run away from them. If you lose a trainer battle, you will return to the PokeCenter you last saw. I recommend you do heal your Pokemon before you make your journey.

Tip: A gym leader, for example, may say she will use Psychic Pokemon. Go on your search engine and find what type of Pokemon are strong against Psychics. Bug and Dark types are strong against Psychic types. However, do not use Fighting or Poison types, as they are weak against Psychic types.

You can also use the Roulette which chooses a Pokemon and you can claim it. It is 6 ROBUX per spin.

If you beat all 8 gym leaders, you will face the Elite 4. The best way to beat them is having many potions, as you can’t use a PokeCenter when you face them. You also must do it in one sitting.

After you beat the Elite 4, you will face Gary, the champion. You face him many times before as well, so you know some of his Pokemon. If you beat him, you become the champion.

One of the best ways to complete the Pokedex is by trading. To trade, you must 1. Have beaten the first gym leader (Brock) and 2. Be in the Project Pokemon Community. You can also battle other players by clicking battle when you try and trade.

If you have beaten a gym leader, a taxi can take you back there. He can also take you to places you normally have to talk to someone to go to (With the exception of Lavender Town).

I will leave you to figure out some of the other stuff, like legendaries, getting to places by talking to someone, and the riddles. But, I really think you should try Project: Pokemon because it is a really adventurous game and it will help you explore new Pokemon!

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3 thoughts on “Gotta Catch ‘Em All! (Game Spotlight: Project: Pokemon) Edited Version

  1. Kool can I do this one instead? I play Project Pokemon all the time. You have a couple issues in the article.

    1. There are 8 gym leaders, not nine.

    2. You go to the last city with a pokestop you were in. So if you lose in Mt. Moon, you would spawn in the pokestop right before Mt. Moon.

    3. You failed to mention a TON a features, like that taxi, trading, Elite 4, etc.

    Sorry about the criticism, but I think a lot more needs to be mentioned on this game.

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    1. Sure. You now have the ability to edit this post, or you can create a new post. I forgot to mention the taxi and trading and those other stuff. Thanks for letting me know.


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