ROBLOX Releases Mobile Push Notifications!

Imagery needed!

ROBLOX has released mobile push notifications on iOS and Android! Now, you can get a notification when you get a friend request, chat message, private message, and if a user has accepted your friend request. It is completely optional, so you can opt-in or opt-out.

Sorry Windows 10 Mobile and Amazon Kindle/Fire users, notifications are not released on your platform yet. 😦

Although this is a new feature, not all push notifications are “pushed” yet. For iOS users, you can only receive chat messages at this time.

For Android users, you can receive all notifications except private messages.

Also, you can only enable push notifications if you are over the age of 13. Sorry for the ones who are younger!

To enable these notifications:

  1. Open the ROBLOX app
  2. Go to Settings > Privacy
  3. Go to the “Notifications” section
  4. Enable “Mobile Push” by flipping the switch
  5. Enjoy your notifications!

And, to disable it, repeat the same process except disable “Mobile Push” by flipping the switch again.

Android users will have notifications set by default, but iOS users will need to opt-in.

Again, notifications are released only on Android and iOS devices. Billy is mad that his platform is not supported yet.

Billy is mad that his platform is not supported yet. 😡 lololol

Push notifications are a great way to stay in touch when you are not on the ROBLOX app! Just turn them on, and enjoy!