Instant Updates, Delivered Straight to Your Skype!

Well, I have decided that email isn’t always the best way of communicating to a person, for some people don’t check their emails every day. Since this is the case for some people, and the fact that email isn’t always the best option since there could be some issues, I have introduced a new way of communicating to our followers and readers.

It is Skype, one of the most popular instant message apps out there. There are a few hundred million people using Skype, so I figured it would be a way of better communication. Plus, it’s better than having to dig through tens of hundreds of emails (depends on how long you haven’t read them).

On the Skype platform, you will be notified about various activities such as new post, new YouTube video, and RGC calendar events at this time. We will also start to send messages directly from staff members to alert of important and non-important events regarding ROBLOX and RGC.

RGC updates will now be sent over Skype.

However, people can still send unwanted messages through Skype, so we will look out and try to protect the conversation from spam as much as possible. People who send inappropriate or offensive content over Skype will be kicked from the conversation.

Updates are more simpler and faster with our new Skype conversation.

Click here to start receiving updates.

ROBLOX Releases Mobile Push Notifications!

Imagery needed!

ROBLOX has released mobile push notifications on iOS and Android! Now, you can get a notification when you get a friend request, chat message, private message, and if a user has accepted your friend request. It is completely optional, so you can opt-in or opt-out.

Sorry Windows 10 Mobile and Amazon Kindle/Fire users, notifications are not released on your platform yet. 😦

Although this is a new feature, not all push notifications are “pushed” yet. For iOS users, you can only receive chat messages at this time.

For Android users, you can receive all notifications except private messages.

Also, you can only enable push notifications if you are over the age of 13. Sorry for the ones who are younger!

To enable these notifications:

  1. Open the ROBLOX app
  2. Go to Settings > Privacy
  3. Go to the “Notifications” section
  4. Enable “Mobile Push” by flipping the switch
  5. Enjoy your notifications!

And, to disable it, repeat the same process except disable “Mobile Push” by flipping the switch again.

Android users will have notifications set by default, but iOS users will need to opt-in.

Again, notifications are released only on Android and iOS devices. Billy is mad that his platform is not supported yet.

Billy is mad that his platform is not supported yet. 😡 lololol

Push notifications are a great way to stay in touch when you are not on the ROBLOX app! Just turn them on, and enjoy!



Gotta Catch ‘Em All! (Game Spotlight: Project: Pokemon) Edited Version

7fbf547016f8abf7360f5b6215eb33e7Project: Pokemon, created by wish_z, is an RPG game that features Pokemon and mimics the original Pokemon games in ROBLOX. Players can battle gym leaders such as Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge, and more! It is a great Pokemon experience, and has over 107 million visits!

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Roblox Halloween Event

So, as you all know, the Halloween Event for Roblox is on right now! This is another dev-vent, but it’s actually looking pretty good. (A dev-vent is when the admins give a free hat if you do a thing in a game.) This is the place where you can find where to get all the hats. If you do not want to know where the hats are and how to get them, this is not the post you want. For the rest of you, come forward to find the hats IF YOU DARE!

But, Play, why do we need to know where they are? It always tells you.

Not in this event. It gives you a riddle, and then we are left to figure them out. Some are hard, some are easy.

Clue 1:                Time to show off your style! You’re going to have to bust out your spookiest design skills and place in the top three in this fashion-focused game’s new holiday category.

This one was easy. The game is Design It. All you had to do was place in the Top 3 in the new Halloween round. Easy enough.

Clue 2:               Full moon’s got you on a prowl tonight? You’ll need to think like a werewolf and catch enough hiders in a single round!

Not as easy. The game is Blox Hunt. You need to find two hiders as a seeker.

Clue 3:               It’s not Halloween without candy, and where are customers going to stock up on trick or treating goods? At your store of course. Make sure you sell enough for the whole neighborhood.

Not easy unless you have played before. The game is Retail Tycoon. You have to sell 250 pieces of candy.

Clue 4:               Need a quick break from all those scary frights? Why not try out this leisurely hobby? Prove that you’re a master angler for a chance to win a prize.

The game is MeepCity. You need to catch 100 total fish. Sounds easy, right? (I wouldn’t know, I’ve never played MeepCity.)

Clue 5:                Collecting candy in your neighborhood? Easy. Collecting candy while explosives rain down around your head? Not so easy! But if you can snag enough, and survive the bombs, you’ll get a prize!

Should be easy. The game is Super Bomb Survival. You need to pick up 20 pieces of candy while avoiding the bombs.

Clue 6:               Dinosaurs can be pretty frightening on their own, but the bigger they get, the scarier they become! If you can survive long enough, you might just earn a prize for your efforts.

The game is Dinosaur Simulator. You need to survive ’til you are in the juvenile stage.


Welp, there it is. Now go out there and get the hats before they are gone! (They leave 2 and a half days after this post is published.) I’m Playittilitshot, signing off.


ROBLOX Has Finally Released R15 Avatar!

This post was due two weeks ago, but there was a delay.

ROBLOX has finally released R15, a new version of the ROBLOX avatar, in beta stage. R6, the old version of the ROBLOX avatar, only has 6 body parts, while the R15 version has 15 parts.

In the “Avatar” page, you can choose between R6 and R15 avatar for your character. Even if your character is set as R15, when playing a game, it can only be in R15 avatar if the game allows it, otherwise, if it only allows R6, your character will be set to R6 in-game. The developer also has the option to let the user choose, so that means if the developer had chosen this option, what avatar your character is using right now, will be used in-game.

Since R15 is in beta, packages and other items may not be supported with it. Therefore, some of the items you are wearing in R6 avatar may not work in R15 avatar. ROBLOX says that they are working on this, and soon, all your items will fit properly in the new R15 avatar.

With R15, your ROBLOX character can do much more!


Audio Uploading Limits, Constantly Changing? (Revised)

So I wrote this post today to notify ROBLOXians that the limits of uploading audio files to ROBLOX are constantly changing. In 2014, audio files would only be up to 15 seconds, then changed later on to 2 minutes, which allowed ROBLOXians to upload songs that were cut at the 2-minute mark. Uploading audio would cost R$100.

According to ROBLOX Wikia, ROBLOX had increased the limit of the song length to 6 minutes, with a maximum file size of 10 megabytes in late September. The Wikia also said that the price of uploading the audio depended on the length of the audio.

ROBLOX published a post on their blog about the new audio update. However, ROBLOX Wikia says that two days after ROBLOX had published the post, they had changed the limit of the length of the audio back to 2 minutes, maximum file size 8 megabytes, and the price of audio had changed to R$100. ROBLOX had never notified us that they had reverted the limits of uploading audio.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

How to Enable 2-Step Verification in ROBLOX

On September 22, 2016, ROBLOX released a new feature that makes your account more secure. It is called 2-Step Verification, and once enabled, sends an email whenever someone tries to login to your account whether it is you, or a stranger.

So how this works is when someone attempts to get into your account, it will ask for a 6-digit code that is provided in the email that ROBLOX has sent to you. Type in the code in the box, and click “Verify.” You can choose to skip the verification for 30 days on that device on the verification screen below the “Verify” button.

2-Step Verification is available on all platforms whether it’s your Xbox One, desktop, or mobile device. It makes your account more secure and harder for intruders to get in (unless they know the password to your email account).

Take a look at this video tutorial for instructions:

Hopefully, ROBLOX comes up with more ways to make your account safe and secure. This is only one of the features that can keep your account in normal status, free from hackers and intruders.

New Skype Support (Updated)

unnamed (1)Hey, guys! We made a new RGC Skype Support account! It’s the future, people. We know lots of people use Skype to communicate with friends and family.

Feel free to send us a message or voice call, for we don’t allow video calls. We will respond within 1-5 days of request, so please stick to email while we are accepting staff applications.

To Skype us, please type in rgcskypesupport in the search box.

(Please check our current Skype status for updates.)

Thanks to all!