New Avatar Editor – Two Months Later

Where is the new avatar editor – a question that is being asked by ROBLOXians.

The ROBLOX Blog post explains that the website’s old and outdated avatar editor is being replaced by a new, updated avatar editor within the next few weeks. There was even a banner – if you went to the avatar page – that said the avatar editor was being replaced. The new avatar editor was already developed for smartphones – but not the actual website.

Well, it has been two (and a half) months since that post, and we still haven’t heard anything new. Also, it appears that the banner on the avatar page has disappeared.

Here’s my question – is the website’s avatar editor even being replaced? With this hiatus, it seems not.

Yes, the old avatar needs a replacement. The UI is just too old. Body colors is being replaced with skin tones, which from my perspective, is a step-up. ROBLOXians don’t need a specific color for each of their body parts. The new editor makes it simple to customize your character – however you want it to be, using a more friendly look.

The new avatar editor, a more simple, user-friendly look.


The new avatar editor, overall, is a huge upgrade over our old editor. However, it is taking the ROBLOX Team a long time to release the editor, and some ROBLOX users are waiting very impatiently for the update.

Happy anniversary, ROBLOX Gamers’ Community!


Publish Your Game on ROBLOX Game Persuader!

A recent update to ROBLOX Game Persuader makes it possible to publish your game on the site!

How this benefits your game:

  • It makes it have more visits
  • It’s your chance to make your game popular
  • It can help you earn virtual currency!

To do this, follow these instructions: