ROBLOX Gamers’ Community, Translated in More than 50 Languages!

I have enabled the Google Translate widget which translates the entire page into a selection of 50+ languages. Now, enjoy ROBLOX Gamers’ Community translated to YOUR language! Thanks to WordPress and Google!

This may be helpful to the ROBLOXians who don’t read or understand English, especially if you don’t live in the U.S.A., Great Britain, Canada, etc.

We can now expand our website to more people around the world. Welcome, to ROBLOX Gamers’ Community, Your #1 source for the latest ROBLOX news to many people throughout the globe.

Try it for yourself. Scroll down to the footer, and try out the new Google Translate widget!


Instant Updates, Delivered Straight to Your Skype!

Well, I have decided that email isn’t always the best way of communicating to a person, for some people don’t check their emails every day. Since this is the case for some people, and the fact that email isn’t always the best option since there could be some issues, I have introduced a new way of communicating to our followers and readers.

It is Skype, one of the most popular instant message apps out there. There are a few hundred million people using Skype, so I figured it would be a way of better communication. Plus, it’s better than having to dig through tens of hundreds of emails (depends on how long you haven’t read them).

On the Skype platform, you will be notified about various activities such as new post, new YouTube video, and RGC calendar events at this time. We will also start to send messages directly from staff members to alert of important and non-important events regarding ROBLOX and RGC.

RGC updates will now be sent over Skype.

However, people can still send unwanted messages through Skype, so we will look out and try to protect the conversation from spam as much as possible. People who send inappropriate or offensive content over Skype will be kicked from the conversation.

Updates are more simpler and faster with our new Skype conversation.

Click here to start receiving updates.

Changes on the Site

Because of the new site address and name, everything has to be changed in order to fix any errors and fit in with the new changes. That means:

  • Everything has to be renamed, such as posts and pages containing the old logo and name
  • Fix link errors
  • Change documents and forms’ content
  • Make updates to the Privacy Policy

Because of this (and my vacation), I will not post much, and will have to cancel posts like ROBLOX Gamers’ Community Weekly Reviews and Really Cool Music Videos! for the next two weeks.

Once everything is fixed, the site will return back to normal.

You may see a yellow banner saying “Post creation is limited.” Don’t worry about it.


-Kooldude183 | Position: Creator

NEW! Google Chrome Extension!

Following the Google Chrome Web App comes the new Google Chrome Extension!

It is now easier than ever to take a quick “peek” at new posts, with our new extension for Chrome!

How this works: You click the icon next to your address bar, and a window pops up. To check the latest posts, just click “View blog” and there, you can read the latest news from ROBLOX Gamers’ Community, even if you are busy doing something else on your computer. No need to open another tab! Just do your stuff on the tab you are working on, and read the latest news from a popup on top of that tab.

Simple, easy, and no need for any extra windows or tabs. Just a popup. Great for all day workers.

Please comment below of what you think of this! Also give me suggestions and ideas, and stay tuned for the Firefox Add-on in August and the Safari Extension in October!

All apps & extensions developed by Kooldude183.

Download Our Chrome Web App!

I use Google Chrome to surf the web and do all my work. I like to download Chrome apps on my computer, because they help me with all sorts of work. They’re not just regular desktop apps, like Skype and Adobe Photoshop, they are web apps. Web apps are apps that run on websites, like Google Docs.

As web apps became more popular, I thought… why don’t I make a web app for ROBLOX Game Persuader on Google Chrome?

So I searched Google on how to do this, and How-to-Geek and OMG! Chrome gave me answers. So I created the web app file, and decided to share it with ROBLOX Game Persuader. It was pretty easy.

Want to download the app? Click here. It will give you step-by-step instructions on how to install it.

Though, it will not be published on the Chrome Web Store for multiple reasons.

I don’t know if it has the ability to be updated. I am currently testing it, and will get back to this post as soon as I am done testing.


You have to update it manually.


Get RGP Posts Wherever You Go!

With our new messaging system.

You can now get posts in your ROBLOX inbox, your phone, or your iMessage device!

You can also get RGP posts in your email!

So, with our new system, you don’t have to go to ROBLOX Game Persuader to view our posts! Just open your inbox or your messages and read it from there!

But act now! We have a limited space of 15 ROBLOXians:

  • 5 for ROBLOX Message
  • 5 for Phone Texts
  • 5 for iMessages
  • Unlimited for Email

For ROBLOX Message, phone text and iMessage, click here.

For email subscriptions, enter your email and click “Follow” at the right of this post (sidebar).